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FamilyHart was initially started in 1984 in Bountiful, Utah, by Don & Jeanine Hartman.   It started as a personal project to computerize their family's genealogical records.  FamilyHart was a short name for the "Hartman family", and this small beginning was then first termed the FamilyHart Database.  This first computerization was accomplished using 5 1/4" floppy discs (no hard drives) on an original version of the IBM PC using PAF 1.0 software. It was a relatively small database until in 1991 when they lived in Tooele, Utah, they started a project to publish a book listing the descendants of the Glattfelder family of Glattfelden, Zurich, Switzerland. 

At that time, Dr. Charles Glatfelter was the historian of the Casper Glattfelder Association of America, and advised the Hartmans that they would never get more than a couple thousand descendants for their book.  They took that as a personal challenge to beat.  Trips to Pennsylvania and the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah were made; numerous letters were sent; and countless phone calls were made, back when long-distance charges applied, and before the days of the Internet as we know it today. They published that first book (500 each) in 1993 in a hardbound indexed edition totaling just under 500 pages, which contained the names of over 21,000 Glattfelder descendants with their corresponding place in the family tree.  For that first book, they used FamilyHart as the publisher name.  Thus, the name FamilyHart was published and distributed with this book in the U.S. and Canada, with a few even going overseas.  Numerous other FamilyHart publications have been delivered to the genealogical community since then.

Don has been doing genealogy of sorts since he was 4 years old.  Learning to read was a huge thing for him so that he could read headstones, familytrees, and family history books.  He loved to walk cemeteries, and often demanded to stop at any cemetery that his parents were driving past as a very young lad.  This love of genealogy continued into adulthood, and was an addiction that he passed on to his wife, Jeanine, after they were married in 1979.

Don & Jeanine Hartman were some of the first to put genealogy online during the early days of the Internet, even before there was a World Wide Web (www).  They established bulliten boards, Gopher sites, Usenet groups, and ultimately email lists on computers at the University of Utah, before email was even in widespread use. They put their first web site online in 1996 on Rootsweb,  and established several email lists there as well.  They continued building upon their computerized database, which is now housed on a local server farm having well over 1 Million linked names..  They have established numerous other websites, being some of the first county coordinators of USGenWeb.  They were also some of the first to establish Facebook genealogy groups.   They have established online accessable headstone pictures taken by Harry Senft with associated indices and family tree links from cemeteries in York and Adams County, Pennsylvania.  The pictures number in the hundreds of thousands.  The full indexing and research for family links in this latter project are still ongoing, and probably won't be completed for many years to come.  This growth has only been made possible by the countless hours of friends, family, and volunteers that have donated their time and services to expanding this great effort.  Don and Jeanine Hartman have always been huge proponents of the distrubution of genealogical information for free, in spite of the large amount of personal money spent in support of their genealogical projects. 

In 2014, FamilyHart, Inc was established as a nonprofit corporation in Utah to ensure that the efforts of FamilyHart would continue on in perpetuity.  When the Hartmans moved to Pocatello, Idaho in 2018, the corporation was re-incoporated in Idaho.  The Hartmans want to ensure that assets will be protected, and give FamilyHart the means to raise money when necessary to ensure access to the general public for free through the Internet.  The future for FamilyHart, Inc looks bright.  It continues to operate with no paid staff.  Volunteers and donations continue to ensure that FamilyHart, Inc is healthy and vibrant. Thank you for your support.

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